Need Help Picking Fitness Bicycle?

There are 3 basic types of exercise bikes
1. The upright – see the 1st link for an example
This is the old standby and mimics the action of your typical bicycle that you are used to riding. You can see around you and be comfortable. You can also get them with arm exercisers.

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2. The recumbent – 2nd link
This is great if you have a back condition and need a more support. It also works a slightly different set of muscles. Having access to one of these as an alternative to the standard can spice things up and provide a challenging workout for the less used muscles.

3. The spinner – 3rd link
This a direct drive system. That means that you have to constantly pedal. There is no coasting allowed on this type. It can be disconcerting. The model at the link has a safety brake for emergencies, which is a very smart addition. The forward leaning position, like that of a race bike, is not for people with bad backs. I highly suggest you physically try one of these before buying one. It is a definitely a love it or leave it kind of thing. But it is perhaps the best workout.

Which one works for you depends on your circumstances and condition. Try them all out at a club or the Y before deciding. A couple of hours of hands on research can tell you what works best for you, and that’s what matters most. A common question that our subscribers usually have is How long should you ride your bike? Well stay tuned for our next article where we talk all about that!

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