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What are the Best Leg/Thigh Workouts?


There are several different things that you can do to tone your legs and thighs.

One important option I think that you should consider is running. I ran cross country last year, and just a month ago I started to run again. In only a month I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my legs. They are more sculpted and stronger.
If you choose to start running, try running about a mile or two. Try to go longer and slower on some days, and shorter and faster on others. The trick is to vary your workouts.

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If you want to time yourself but don’t have a timer, run with your ipod and add up the number and times of songs you listen to when you run.

Running is a great option because it tones your calves and thighs. But if running is not for you, there are many other exercises that you can do to improve your leg strength.
For your thighs, I would recommend doing wall-sits. These are where you sit with your back against the wall and pretend you are sitting in an invisible chair. Try holding this for a minute or two.

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Another exercise you can do for your thighs are lunges and squats. Lunges can be made more difficult if you choose to use hold weights. You will be sore after doing all these exercises, but in a good way. This reminds you that you are working hard and toning your legs.

I hope that you try these exercises and they help you get more toned before school. Good luck!